Welcome to "Galvanized Wire Co."

Galvanized Wire Co., a group company of Eximat is one of the well known Exporters and Suppliers of Galvanized wire. Galvanized Wire is widely used in various industries for different applications. The company has always given top most priority to quality & has a very well known brand, Galvanized wires. Products we deliver to our customers are flexible, tensile and of anti-corrosion standard. These wires inherent the quality of break resistance, also.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that's why we follow the genuine processes to verify the quality of our products. We make incessant efforts to fulfill all the products requirements of clients. We make our best effort to provide ideal products to our customers on prescribed time. And that's all we do in accordance to maintain our standards. Our continuous endeavors have made us a company with a huge list of clientele, which we really love. Besides, we are focused to serve each of our clients with most extreme priority and we believe this will bring us the opportunity to help more customers across the globe.



What is Galvanizing Process?

Hot Dip Galvanizing is a factory controlled metallurgical combination of zinc and steel that provides corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environments. Hot Dip Galvanizing protects steel    >>Read More

What are the advantages of Galvanizing?

By providing best protection from rusting & corrosion, Galvanizing process define the long life of the products. Products become more relaible and also their testing get easer.    >>Read More